The Brother's Johnson?

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So I'm listening to the funk station on Pandora this morning and a pretty good song comes on that I'm liking, so I check my phone to see who sings it. Then I start laughing because the album cover is so unintentionally hilarious.

Sir, your beam is on my face.

1st: The expression on the dude holding the light's face. "That's right ladies, my wang is a gigantic radar gun that shoots pink light out."

2nd: The phallically positioned light is splashing its pink love glow all over his brother/bandmate's face.

3rd: The name of the band, The Brothers Johnson, fits so well with this image, needing only an apostrophe for maximum humor. "The Brother's Johnson" is so fitting for this image it makes me want to cry.

4th: The gentleman on the left is so blissfully unaware of the implications of the scene, including his brother's peen light on his face, that his expression reads, "I look cool, right? My lighting's good, yes?"

I think they were shooting for, "Hello, ladies...check THIS out."

They ended up with, "Hey bro, mind if I splash my dong light on your face while you mug into the camera?"

Good stuff.


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