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I went to get groceries at Winco bright and early this morning, and there was an Indian gentleman (from India, not Native American) and his wife at the store with their four children.

Haha, Matt Groening is racist.

The children were bad. Not like "Oh dear, Timmy is throwing a tantrum again," more like "Timmy shot someone again" or "Timmy, put the knife down, I promise to buy you Pop Tarts, please don't stab me you little psychopath".

Like this, but in a grocery store.

The kids knew they outnumbered the parents (who weren't paying much attention) so they were basically just flying around like rogue satellites, knocking stuff off shelves, punching each other, screaming at the top of their lungs, throwing things, and in general being little assholes.

As I walked to the car, they were ahead of me, all four kids hanging from the side of the cart like Kenyan train hangers. While I was loading my groceries, the dad was wheedling, cajoling, and bribing his spawn into the car, to which their response was to cry, scream, and throw tantrums.

All in all, it made me glad I no longer have young children and also made me wonder how much money it would take to get pro-child-tasering legislation to pass.

Proof Idaho needs to get out more

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This was on a 50 year old woman's minivan.