WTF Video Game Covers

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The first three of these are classics. It makes you scratch your head on
how these ever became the behemoths of gaming that they did. Just goes
to show, good games can overcome bad marketing.

The 4th is just thrown in for good measure. WTF? That's a game?

I would like to say that I haven't been posting to my blog because I've
been busy doing productive things like working, earning money, building
houses for orphaned kids, etc...unfortunately that would be a lie. I've
been slacking, straight up.

Watched the Blazer game last night while texting and twittering with
some other fans. It was good to watch the Lakers get humbled (see:
crushed, dominated, pwned, etc...) until Cheapshot McGee (aka Trevor
Ariza) decided to put Rudy Fernandez into the stanchion at a dead run.

Rudy was taken off the floor on a stretcher and hospitalized overnight.
Xrays and CT scans were good, so hopefully there's no long lasting

This was bad sportsmanship of the worst're down by 30, you
don't foul someone from behind who's running for an open court dunk.
That was just dirty ball.

In addition to this, Lakers fans showed their ignorance in droves via
Twitter, where, after doing a quick search, keyword "Rudy", the Lakers
fans were spewing all types of vileness about how their player did the
right thing by flinging Rudy into the hoop stanchion at a dead run.

Stay classy, Laker fans. May those who were showing your idiocy be
struck with herpes of the face.

One of the best parts was when Brandon Roy went after Ariza after the
foul, he was pissed! Any Blazer fan knows, you never see that side of
the Roy Wonder. He's usually the calmest dude there.

Either way, well played game. For us.

The Lakers? Not so much. Enjoy washing the Blazer's cars, fellas.