A few thoughts on the Blazers vs. Rockets series:
A: The refs were terribly lopsided for all 6 games.
B: Houston fans are not very classy, chanting "Portland Sucks" when they have a 20 point lead. Keep it classy, you trashy bastards. I hope a tornado descends on your trailer park.
C: The referee system in the NBA favors stars and big men, allowing Yao Ming to punch, claw, and elbow with fervor but calling Przybilla or Oden for the most minor of touch fouls.
D: Brandon Roy and Lamarcus Aldridge cannot do it all alone. He and Aldridge carried this team to 6 games. During the regular season, the bench was good. But everyone except for Roy and Aldridge phoned it in once the playoffs started, and the bench especially let their team down in game 6.
The Blazers should have won this series, but did not, and if I had to blame one single factor, it would be the refereeing. It was like watching the Kings vs Lakers in the Western Conference Finals in 2001. Which is a funny coincidence, since it has come out now that at least one of the refs was dirty for that series.

Oh the irony

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