It's these other bastards, not me!

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Ever notice that traffic sucks? Have you ever stopped to think that rather than hating everyone else, YOU are someone else's bad traffic?

Kind of makes you get all existential regarding your perception of the world around you.

Or you could be like me and think anyone you don't know personally is an asshole.

Just saying.

Express lane = 10 items or less, lady

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This lady in front of me at Wal-mart the other day decided to buy 20 $5 gift cards at the EXPRESS CHECKOUT. Scan, AUTHORIZING.......Scan, AUTHORIZING........  times 20.

It's people like this that make me want to kill everyone in sight.

Where Are My Blockbuster Trades?

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Man, I get sucked into this every year. The week before the deadline,
ESPN goes crazy with the rumored trades in the NBA, with superstar
players getting shipped everywhere and your favorite team obtaining all
types of fantastic, season-altering difference makers.

It's like the Olympics. It only happens once every four years, and it
gets hyped so much that you can't help but get excited, but then you're
just let down when you watch it because nothing is "Four Years Of Hype"

What has happened this year? Shawn Marion for Jermaine O'Neal? Meh.
One's a cancer and the other has knees made of eggshells.

Brad Miller and John Salmons for Andres Nocioni, Cedric Simmons, and
Drew Gooden's Goatee? Not even close. Miller's over the hill, Salmons is
a decent player but MUST START. Nocioni is a hustler though. Drew Gooden
is just a weird dude.

The best thing to happen so far was Tyson Chandler for Joe Smith and
Chris Wilcox. I had to check my eyes. Someone's been taking lessons from
Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace. (AKA the guy who traded Pau Gasol for some
Hot Wheels and a Red Ryder BB Gun)

Other than that, I always expect something crazy which never
materializes. Will it happen this year? We'll see. Less than 24 hours
remain. Let the superstars fly!

Stupid Email Blogging

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Here's the picture that was supposed to be on the previous post but got
lost in the intarweb ether due to email formatting conversion. (or some
damn thing)

DVR, Tyson Chandler, Raef Lafrentz, Transformers 2

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap)

My dad is getting a DVR for the first time ever this afternoon. He's 59 years old. Expect another blog post in a couple days titled: "Dad Gets DVR: Hilarity Ensues"

So the New Orleans Hornets are torpedoing their season by trading a great center for two expiring contracts, a hamster in a wheel, and the remains of a ham sandwich. It underscores the severity of the economic situation in the major sports leagues. Basically they're saying, "We don't expect to win, nor are we willing to pay to do so. Here's our championship hopes, please write us a check for them."

On the flip side, this will be a huge benefit for my hometown Blazers. With Raef Lafrentz's'z expiring contract, we should have people tossing us ridunkulous offers over the next 24 hours. It should be exciting to see what happens. I don't care who they trade as long as they don't touch Bayless or Batum. Aldrige, Oden, and Roy are untouchable as is, obviously. Anyone else? Meh. Trade em if it makes us better.

On they already have those popover/under/autoplay STFU already advertisements for Transformers 2: Robotic Boogaloo. Am I getting old or are these movies coming out faster than ever? Didn't that movie just come out last year?

Either way it looks awesome. I, for one, couldn't be happier with the increased production speed.

The silver lining to cubicle hell

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As the famous line from Fight Club goes:

"This is your life. And you're wasting it one minute at a time."

If you already didn't know, I'm having a hard time dealing with my job this week. I want to move on, but jobs are hard to come by these days. Especially with the market over-saturated with out-of-work mortgage professionals.

So, what to do? Give myself an ulcer by stressing about going to a job that makes me die a little every day?

Nay. I'm going to start writing again. As I read once, writing while working is your friend. You don't have the pressure of having to use your writing to put food on the table. We've all read these books where the author craps out the final 300 pages of a decent setup because they're either A) up against a deadline, B) need some money, or C) got tired of the book they're writing. I'm looking at you, Dean Koontz.

I'm just going to have to make an effort to get some quiet time after work to do some writing.

That's my New Week's Resolution. Wish me luck!

Thanks, Captain Obvious!

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Well I was going too, but now....